I am now living in London/UK.

Hi, I'mJonas Stams

Freelance Web & Mobile Developer


I'm a Freelance Frontend & Back end developer from Belgium. Working from all over the world, aiming to make a difference through my creative solutions.

How do I become a freelance programmer? I would say that it is all because of my passions, programing and travelling. From my perspective, travelling enables us to see new things, and accordingly this would inspire us with more new and creative ideas which are beneficial for my job. Also, I always believe that a programmer is the most flexible job as you can work at any time you want and at anywhere you are if you have a laptop connecting to a WIFI. Therefore, I decided to start this company in order to become a freelance programmer. In 2018, this term is called a Digital Nomad, and yes I am proud to say that I am one of them. By being a Digital Nomad, I do not need to sit back at office all day, working 9 to 5. Instead, I might be working in the early morning, in the late evening or when having a good and creative mood which allows me to produce more productive works. However, some people might find it is difficult for a freelancer to control oneself to get the work done on time since nobody is going to check you whether you are working on it or not. But for me, I think it all depends on responsibility and self-discipline. After I have been working from home for a long time, I can assure you that I will do everything to get the work done potentially, productively and on time.
Name : Jonas Stams
Date of birth : November 11, 1994
Email : jonas.stams@stams-it.com
Interest : Remote development work in cool projects, company websites, personal websites




BSc in Computer Science | PXL University College

Sept 2014 - June 2017
I graduated in Application Development at PXL University College with a Second-class honour degree. Because of my passion in programming, I chose to study in this track to pursue my dream career as a programmer. Throughout my degree, I had a chance to work on numerous cool projects and study in many useful and practical classes such as Programming Expert, Web & Mobile Expert and Software Engineering. I had a great and enjoyable time while studying in this school, and most importantly I have learned a lot of useful knowledge and new things about programming.


ASP.NET Developer @ Ascendancy Solutions

August 2017 - Present

Currently, I am working on Edge, which is a web-based software solution for retail water suppliers in the UK. In this job, I am in charge of a variety of tasks such as ASP.NET development and important layout changes.

For your information, Edge has been designed and built from first principles to provide a complete “Business in a Box” for both established and new entrant Licensed Providers. The Edge system allows seamless operations across the UK – in both the established Scottish market and the new English market.

Full Stack Javascript Developer: Node.js / Angular (2+) @ Gift2Give

April 2018 -
For Gift2Give, I have been working on expanding their tools. The company has a lot of ideas they want to deliver, but they do not have enough time to enhance the website themselves. Thus, they asked me to help them out by creating beautiful and well-organised layouts and making user-friendly web applications. For your information, Gift2Give is a company providing gift cards towards particular cities in Belgium. Customers can purchase those gift cards online or in a vending machine. Those cards can be used to shop in particular stores in this city. On the card you can find a QR code, after scanning this code you’ll be redirected to a dashboard where you can find the remaining money on the card, and the stores where it can be used. Merchants can use this QR code to void the money on the card. This is one of the projects I worked on for Gift2Give.

Angular (2+) & Laravel Developer @ Own project

June 2017 - Present

Together with a good friend and partner of me, we started our second project for a charity group. This group is interested in keeping the dialect dictionary of their town. They wanted to a tool to manage the words and show them to the public. We created a All-in-one web application for them where you can find all the words, add words, manage words and much more. The application will be online to the public soon.

Angular (2+) & Laravel Developer @ Own project

Apr 2017 - Dec 2017
Together with a good friend and partner of me, we started our own project for a charity group called Narrata. Narrata is a reading group that's reading books for groups of kids. We created a All-in-one application where the readers can manage the books, the listeners, add the comments of the listeners to the books, give a review and much more. The web application is now online, you can find it here. This web app is only made for the charity so it's not possible for you to get a login.

Intern @ Mediaan

Feb 2017 - June 2017

My thesis was focussed on ‘Quality Assurance’ and ‘Automated Testing’. I have created a tool that made it possible for non-technical persons to create Automated UI Tests. Before this tool, these tests could only be done by a Software Engineer since these tests are made by programming. My tool made it possible for a non-technical person to record the steps he makes and convert them to code. For example, you’re using the recorder and login to a website. After you stop recording, the code will be generated and the test will be accessible in the tool. You can run the test and when it’s finished, the tool creates a nice report about the test. The report includes which steps are passing and failing, the duration of the step, a screenshot of the step and the generated code for this step. I created this tool in full stack Javascript - Node.js & Angular 4.



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